Diamond lost from ring after dropping into a recycling bank has been recovered

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The mum-of-two lost the diamond in a pile of rubbish after it dropped off her wedding ring

A 44-year old mother of two from Milngavie, in Scotland, has been reunited with her diamond she lost from her wedding ring after it dropped off and fell into a recycling bank.

Pamela Mathieson was placing some cardboard into the recycling bank when she caught her finger and the stone from her wedding ring fell off and disappeared into a heap of rubbish. She thought it was lost forever after it landed amongst a load of recycled rubbish.

The mum-of-two lost the diamond in a pile of rubbish after it dropped off her wedding ring

Diamond lost from Mum of two’s ring which fell into a recycled pile of cardboard and paper has been recovered © Copyright Wilson Adams and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

Pamela was left devastated so contacted the recycling centre and told them about losing her diamond in the recycled rubbish. They emptied out the recycling bank in an effort to find the missing diamond for Mrs Mathieson, having to wade through giant piles of cardboard and paper.

The loss of the gem happened at the end of November and when the diamond was found Pamela described it as an “early Christmas miracle”.

The search was coming to an end after an hour rumaging through recycled paper and cardboard when something glistening was spotted, which turned out to be the missing diamond.

“It’s got really high sentimental value for me and I’m just so pleased to have it back,” said Mrs Mathieson.

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