Croydon Council vows to stop fining recycling residents

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Croydon Council says it will stop fining residents who leave recyclables at overflowing recycling bins

Croydon Council has vowed to stop fining people who leave waste at “constantly” overflowing recycling centres following an appeal from outraged residents.

According to the Croyden Guardian, more than 150 people found themselves hit with a £80 fine after leaving waste at the side of overflowing recycling bins, which residents complained are “constantly full”. The report by Croydon Guardian claimed that the council had extracted more than £10,000 worth of fines from residents and was operating a “money game”.

Following a tirade of angry complaints from appalled locals, who felt they were being penalised for doing “the right thing”, Labour councillor Stuart Collins has retracted his support for the fining scheme. Before the public outcry, Councillor Collins said that the fines were suitable for those who are “refusing to comply” with the recycling centres’ rules.

Now that the public has spoken, Councillor Collins has been quick to lay the blame elsewhere, claiming the policy was never his idea but was introduced by the Conservative administration before Labour took the seat. And, in light of the report by the Croydon Guardian, Mr Collins said he is “listening” to local residents and “it will no longer be classed as fly-tipping” if people leave recyclable waste at overflowing bins.

Croydon Council has confirmed that it is now working with the waste management firm who collect the recyclables from the council’s recycling centres in an effort to solve this ongoing issue.

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