Council’s once monthly bin collection proposal causes outrage

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Conway Council considers four-weekly bin collections

An announcement made by Conway County Borough Council that it is to cut bin collections to once monthly has been met with anger and outrage by despairing residents.

Many people in the northern Wales town have reacted angrily to the council’s cost-cutting proposal which would see household bins being collected only once every four weeks. Residents have said that a month long interval between collections is unrealistic and unsustainable, especially for larger families with children.

Conway Council to cut bin collections to four-weekly

View of Conway, north Wales

Conwy pensioner, Dylan Evans, 73, told The Mirror: “This would make a mockery of paying council tax. What is the point if they don’t do the job?” The proposal was also met with opposition from the council’s own members, including Councillor Janet Finch-Saunders, who called the reduction to four-weekly collections “a retrograde step”.

However, Conway Council believes the cut would increase the town’s recycling rate and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill, as residents would be forced to separate their waste more carefully in order to make full use of their council bins.

A report released by the council claims that £2.9million is being spent every year on waste disposal, but that this cost could be reduced by more than half by more efficient recycling. Conway Council is facing a £14m budget cut in 2016/17 and the four-weekly proposal could help save more than £500,000.

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