Councils are sending recycled waste to landfill

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It has emerged that councils throughout the UK are sending more than double the amount of recycling waste to landfill and incineration compared to previous years.

The findings seem to make a mockery of the governments push for a greener UK and the nation’s recycling efforts are seemingly a waste of time. The details have been released following a Freedom of Information disclosure, which reveals that councils are refusing recycled waste if it has been contaminated by other waste items, such as food or plastic.

Councils are sending more recycled waste to landfill and incineration

Councils are sending recycled waste to landfill

In 2015, a total of 338,000 metric tons of recycling waste was sent to landfill or incinerated; this is compared to 184,000 metric tons in 2012. The information suggests that the London Borough of Newham, and Hammersmith and Fulham Council are the poorest performers when it comes to waste recycling. In these boroughs, the councils refuse 20 out of every 100 bins that are sent for recycling.

According to the report, Manchester City Council is the worst performer outside of the capital, with 18 out of every 100 recycling bins being sent to landfill or for incineration.

The environment spokesman for the Local Government Association, Peter Box, commented: “If recycling becomes contaminated then it has to be sent to landfill … Allowing councils to identify and work with people who misunderstand or make mistakes when sorting their rubbish is important.”

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