Councillors consider CCTV for Ingleby Barwick recycling centre

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A recycling point in Ingleby Barwick is being abused by residents and tradesmen

The main recycling point in Ingleby Barwick, Stockton-on-Tees, is attracting arsonists and is being abused by thoughtless locals and rogue tradesmen who use the recycling point as a dumping ground for the free and easy disposal of all types of waste.

Councillors in Ingleby Barwick have come to the end of their patience with some residents and tradesmen who are using the recycling point situated near the Tesco supermarket in Myton Way as a local tipping ground for all varieties of waste rather than the recyclables it is designed for.

Councillors considering CCTV cameras to prevent abuse of recycling point

The recycling point in Ingleby Barwick is being abused by some residents

Washing machines, fridges, cookers, mattresses, and DIY materials are often dumped at the recycling point. In recent months bags of construction rubble, garden waste, and even gas cannisters have been found by council workers.

The site is constantly overflowing with waste because its being incorrectly used for the disposal of the wrong types of rubbish and people are therefore simply dumping their waste on the ground around the recycling bins.

Councillor David Harrington also said the area has been targeted multiple times by arsonists and that the recycling point is becoming a health and safety hazard.

Councillor Harrington said: “What concerns me is that its becoming such a dumping ground for commercial waste, there is the potential for harm if there is hazardous material set on fire – especially considering there is a children’s nursery and Romano Park near by.”

To tackle the issue, Ingleby Barwick councillors are considering installing CCTV cameras around the recycling point to prevent people from abusing the site. Anyone caught on film dumping illegal materials at the site would then be prosecuted for fly-tipping.

Councillor Mike Smith, the Cabinet member at Stockton council, said: “One of the main issues is people leaving inappropriate items like mattresses and fridge freezers – these should be taken to the household waste recycling centre at Haverton Hill, or disposed of by booking a bulky waste collection.”

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