Council to introduce recycling ‘reward scheme’ for householders

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The new scheme will see ‘bin snoopers’ checking householder’s bins in Redcar and Cleveland

Residents in Redcar and Cleveland will soon have ‘bin snoopers’ checking over their rubbish bins to make sure that they are recycling properly.

A new ‘recycle and reward’ scheme is to be trialled by the borough council, with 5,000 homes participating, in an effort to reduce the costs involved in waste disposal and to keep council tax at the same level.

Redcar and Cleveland council to introduce recycling reward scheme

View of the high street in Redcar and Cleveland

The new scheme is set to start in a number of areas. Residents will have their blue bins checked on bin collection day, by the ‘recycling campaign team’ from the Council. The bin will then be tagged red, amber or green, depending on how well the ’snoopers’ believe the householder is recycling its waste.

If a bin is tagged green, 5 points per collection can be earned and then used to redeem free gym, or swimming sessions (10 points each), or towards a three month membership with Everyone Active (100 points). If a bin is red tagged, it means that the bin is contaminated with items that should not have been placed in it and recycling advice will be given to the owner of the bin.

All households taking part in the new scheme have received a letter, explaining how the blue bin will be matched to their specific address, so that points can be easily credited to those households whose bin receives a green tag.

To help residents, the council will provide more information on what items should go into which bin and people can say no to having their bin stencilled but will not then be allowed to play a full role in the new scheme.

Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, Councillor Helen McLuckie, said: “This pilot rewards scheme, taking place in a handful of wards across the borough, will help to highlight the issue and hopefully encourage people to recycle more as well as reduce the amount of contaminated material being sent to the processing site.”

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