Consultation over proposed waste recycling plant extended

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Application received by NRW for a new waste recycling plant in Caerphilly

Consultation on a proposed waste recycling plant in Caerphilly, has been extended by Natural Resources Wales (NRW), over air pollution concerns.

Hazrem Environmental Limited applied to NRW for a permit on October 5 2015, proposing a new fuel producing facility at Nine Mile Point, Cwmfelinfach.

NRW given extended consultation time over proposed waste facility plant

Residents are unhappy about plans for a waste facility in this scenic area

After receiving evidence following a public consultation process, NRW will hold further talks with Public Health Wales, to determine whether the new plant will have any possible impact on the health of those living close to the proposed site.

NRW have voiced there concerns over a ‘short term increase in Nitrogen Dioxide emissions’, which could occur during specific weather conditions, such as thermal inversions and think that this should be looked into.

What are Thermal Inversions? These occur when the air above the ground is warmer than the air below – which could potentially lead to increased levels of air pollution.

John Hogg, Head of Operations for Natural Resources Wales, in South East Wales, said: “We continue to review the application and work closely with Public Health Wales to ensure that we have all the information necessary on any potential impact on the health of people living in the area.”

Mr Hogg added, that a permit will only be granted if they are satisfied that the company’s detailed plans show how they will comply by the environmental laws and that they can run a business without harming local residents and the environment.

Residents from Cwmfelinfach and Wattsville, have opposed the plans, after Caerphilly County Council passed the company’s planning application and have since held a number of protests.

The Sirhowy Valley Residents’ Group’s have protested that the new plant will boost the amount of HGV traffic and that the fuel process at the plant could lead to an increase in the level of air pollution.

If given the go ahead, the plant would be able to take in up to 100,000 tonnes of non-hazardous waste every year. This will then be sorted and separated for recycling and fuel production.

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