Claims made against Dundee recycling centre

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Criticised for turning people away because the skips were too full

A recycling centre in Dundee has been criticised for running a poor service, after claims were made that the site is turning people away because the skips are too full.

Mr Mohammed Asif, who is a councillor for Coldside and Nawras Alwan, both visited the Baldovie Recycling Depot to dispose of general waste but were turned away. Both of them were told by a worker at the depot that the skips were too full and that it would be about two hours before the skips would be replaced.

Dundee residents complain about council recycling centre

Baldovie Recycling Centre in Dundee

The two locals also claimed that one of the workers at the depot told them that the same problem occurred on a regular basis and that people were being told to either come back later, or use the Riverside Recycling Depot, which is located on the other side of the town.

The claims have been dismissed by Kevin Cordell, the deputy neighbourhood services convener, who said: “There’s a full complement of staff at the site and neither the department, nor myself as a local councillor, has been made aware of any issues regarding the site, or incidents of householders being turned away on various occasions, as have been suggested.”

A spokesman for Dundee City Council said that there were delays at the site last week because the vehicle that removes the full skips had suffered a punctured tyre and needed to be fixed.

The spokesman for the council went on to say that the vehicle has now been repaired and that normal services have resumed. He said: “There is a full complement of staff on duty at Baldovie and this incident was an unavoidable one-off. We apologise to customers for any inconvenience it caused.”

Councillor Asif has been contacted privately to talk over his concerns.

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