Circular economy support scheme to launch for London SMEs

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A new programme is to launch in London next year to advise SMEs on circular economies

The London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) is to launch a new circular economy support initiative for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) based in London.

The programme has been named ‘Advance London’ and will run for a three-year period to support small and medium-sized businesses operating in the English capital. ‘Advance London’ will be launched officially in January 2017; businesses will receive free advice on how to implement a circular economy business model.

LWARB is a board set up by the Greater London Authority (GLA) and London’s local authorities. The governmental groups are working together to achieve a ‘circular city’, which they believe can benefit London to the tune of £7 billion per year by 2036.

As part of LWARB’s push towards a circular economy, it is creating a ‘circular economy route map’. The route map is a joint effort between all those involved in the board and is to focus on London’s transition to a circular economy by 2036.

According to a LWARB report published last year, the key is to promote circular economy at a public and private sector level, with an initial concentration on the following areas:

As part of the newly announced ‘Advance London’ programme, SMEs will be invited to attend workshops, special events, and individual business meetings to discuss the benefits of a circular economy business model.

Wayne Hubbard, chief operating officer of LWARB, commented: “As more and more businesses ‘go circular’ new opportunities will emerge for SMEs to bring innovative solutions to overcome the challenges that businesses face in this transition. We want London to be a world leader in nurturing circular economy businesses.”

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