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Dog poo posters

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Below are a number of free dog poo posters. You can prevent people leaving their dog poop by printing off and displaying a poster in your local community. Poop free zone. No dog...

Are There Any Disadvantages of Recycling?

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There is plenty of information online and elsewhere that espouses the benefits of recycling. It saves on energy, it encourages us to reuse things, it cuts down on waste sent to landfills… and on it...

Is There Such a Thing as Recyclable Coffee Pods?

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You’re probably aware that plastic comes in many forms. You may also be aware a lot of work is happening to try and recycle and reuse plastic as much as possible. The year following the carrier bag...

What is your recycling definition

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Recycling has become a key part of everyday life. Some areas recycle more than others, and some businesses are more successful at recycling everything than others, too. Knowing your recycling...

GDPR Waste Management

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One very important feature of the new GDPR legislation that came into effect on 25 May 2018 is the correct disposal of confidential waste. Under the new law, every company who has clients within...