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Facts about Landfill

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Landfill: The facts The UK was warned that it could run out of landfill capacity within eight years if current rates were continued. While the proportion of waste recycled hasn't changed a...

The hard facts about UK recycling

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Why have UK recycling statistics stalled? The United Kingdom produces around 200 million metric tonnes of waste every year. Of this, more than three-quarters comes from non-domestic sources...

34% Of families never cook.

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Learn to cook and help save the planet and yourself Food packaging waste is killing the planet, and it's all down to lazy meals Packaging waste produced by British homes could be slashed by up...

Britain drowning under a tide of junk mail

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Why unaddressed paper 'spam' has to stop The average household now receives over 500 pieces of junk mail every year, with the figure showing no sign of decline. While direct advertising is a...