Cannock council notices recycling improvement following campaign

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Residents in Cannock Chase were educated on how to avoid recycling contamination

Cannock Chase District Council has announced improvements in the quality of recycling waste being disposed of by residents throughout the district following a campaign to educate on the correct procedures in order to avoid contamination.

The Staffordshire council launched the recycling awareness campaign in August this year when its waste contractor informed the council of a marked increase in the amount of contaminated recycling being collected by the waste firm.

Cannock council notices recycling improvement following campaign

Photo source: Cannock Chase District Council. Only loose items are accepted for recycling

Residents in Cannock Chase are supplied with a blue commingling recycling bin collected fortnightly. The blue bin is to be used for plastic bottles and packaging, glass packaging, cans, cardboard and paper.

However, the council’s waste contractor complained as  it was being forced to reject an unsustainable amount of bins because residents were using them incorrectly and disposing of waste which resulted in contamination, including used baby nappies, plastic bags, food waste, textiles, plastic toys and animal waste.

Many residents were putting their waste in refuse sacks and plastic carrier bags and then putting these bags in their blue recycling bin.

The council’s campaign focused on educating residents regarding the items which can and cannot be recycled and also increasing awareness that recycling waste must be kept loose and not discarded in plastic bags.

Since the campaign the contractor has recorded that 87% of residents are now following the correct recycling procedures; a significant improvement.

Cannock Chase council thanked residents for their support and said they will continue to issue bin tags if residents are not recycling correctly and that recycling bins will simply not be collected.

Councillor John Preece said: “I would like to say a big thank you to the residents of Cannock Chase. It was essential that the campaign was introduced… This is because some people were hiding contaminated items in bags. The Council has always stated that items in the blue bin should be clean and loose, not bagged.”

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