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Businesses to be named and shamed for not recycling

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Consumers should be given the choice to boycott business that harm the environment

All businesses should be publicly scored on their green credentials to allow the public to decide whether to deal with them or not.

That’s the opinion of one of the UK’s leading waste management and recycling companies, which thinks a “Scores on the Doors” scheme much like the one used in the catering industry is required and will help customers make informed choices.

According to, the proposed scheme will encourage companies to recycle more effectively, find more efficient uses of energy, and cut down on waste.

“Scores on the Doors has transformed the food service industry,” said spokesman Mark Hall, “and a green alternative could well do the same right across British business.”

The company is convinced that such a programme would have the support of the general public. In a phone poll of over 500 people, they found:

• 83% would favour a green “Scores on the Doors” programme
• 52% would base buying decisions around a high or low score
• 12% were opposed to such a scheme

Additionally, a poll of 100 businesses found a majority in favour of a scheme:

• 60% would support a green scores scheme
• 42% would change their green policy to get a higher score
• 16% were stridently opposed to a green scores scheme

“There’s clearly appetite for this from both the general public and business leaders,” said Mark Hall. “And despite the small but vocal minority opposing it, we feel it’s something that government should look into at national and local level.” says that the Green Scores on the Doors scheme would be suitable right across British commerce, from retail to industry, offices to food and leisure.

According to Hall, the scheme could easily be tailored for different sectors of commerce but would essentially revolve around a number of easily-measured policies and behaviours which many companies choose to do already.

• Proportion of waste recycled as opposed to being sent to landfill
• Use of environmentally-friendly products
• Involving staff and customers
• Green energy policies admits there’d be significant start-up costs for such a scheme, but insists that should be seen as both a monetary and planetary investment.

“It’s something people want to see,” said Hall, “and it will drive customers towards greener companies and earn a significant return on investment in the long run.”

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