Bury bin collection changes set to cause “enormous stink”

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Changes to the bin collection schedules are set to cause an “enormous stink” during the summer months, Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has said.

Collection of grey-general-waste bins across Greater Manchester have been reduced from fortnightly collections to one collection every three weeks.

The council claim the measures will help achieve savings of £800,000 a year and that the food waste collection schedule remains the same.

However, Pickles, Conservative MP for Brentwood and Ongar, has criticised the change and said the move was akin to punishing residents like naughty children for not recycling enough.

Pickles said: “There are many fine councils in this country with weekly collections that have managed to increase their recycling.

“It seems to me that the most important thing is to treat your residents with respect and not to treat them like naughty children by taking away their privileges because they’re not recycling enough.”

The changes means that grey-household-waste-bin collections have been reduced to three weeks, and are now collected as frequently as green bins, used for paper and cardboard waste.

Brown bins, used for garden and food waste, are collected once every two weeks and blue bins, used for glass and plastic are collected once every three weeks.
Speaking in defence of the changes, Glen Stewart, Head of Waste Management for the Labour-led Bury Council, said: We’re very confident that this change in the residual waste bin collection frequency will force people into thinking about how they manage their waste more effectively.
“If they put the right stuff in the right bin, using the full complement of recycling bins that we offer, people will be able to manage with the new service.”
Radcliffe resident, Daniel Barkess, however, claimed that his grey bin was full two weeks prior to its collection date.
He said: “I feel the community has the same feelings as I do towards the three-weekly cycle and I feel something should be done about it.”

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