Is Britain suffering ‘green fatigue’?

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We are constantly being told that we need to recycle as much as we can, but is it all becoming too much? It’s almost exhausting these days, with so much being accepted into recycling, to sort through our rubbish and put them into the right bins.

For instance, one meal can produce plastic and cardboard packaging, bottles and tins galore, all of which need to be separated and taken care of individually. So is it any wonder that, as a nation, we’ve all gotten a little bit lazy when it comes to recycling?

At the moment it is being argued that Britain is suffering ‘green fatigue’, due to the sheer complication and confusion caused by all this recycling. There are simply too many bins to sort our rubbish into, and who has the time to sit and separate their plastics in this busy world we live in? It’s a wonder we find any time to recycle at all, but thankfully doorstep services have made the process somewhat easier to get on-board with.

The ever-rising recycling rates are set to drop for the first time by 2% this year, so what can we do to boost some enthusiasm back into saving our planet? Statistics show that when a mixed recycling service is provide, particularly in built up areas such as London, recycling rates are considerably higher than what is currently being offered. This comes as no surprise, as after all, it’s so much easier just to chuck it all in together and let someone else do all the sorting.

It would seem like the perfect solution to introduce a mixed recycling service to encourage more people to recycle. However, many people argue that this is a time-consuming process, and many items would not get recycled and just end up in landfill as a result, making the whole idea pointless.

Another idea is to implement a weekly food waste collection, something which is currently not offered by many councils. It is estimated that this service could lead to 500,000 tonnes more of recycling, a considerable amount which could potentially give Britain the jump-start it needs to get out of our recycling slump and overcome our ‘green fatigue’.

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