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Business Waste launch Boris Johnson bins following the PM’s decision to resign

Boris Johnson has finally stepped down from his position as Prime Minister following the number of Tory MPs that resigned throughout the past week.

If you’ve ever thought that the PM is worth chucking in the bin, then go one step further and officially buy a bin with his face on for the world to see!

Due to this news, one of Britain’s leading waste management companies has launched a range of politician bins, so you can really show the political party what you really think. If you think the PM is pure trash, this is for you!

Mark Hall, co-founder of, said: “We are offering the chance to get a bin with the face of Boris Johnson on. We hope that stuffing your rubbish into Boris will really help to take your anger out on the PM once and for all!”.

To apply for a limited edition bin, please submit the form below.

Borris wheelie bin