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Rear End Loader

Rear End Loader 8yd-16yd available

Rated 4.7/5 based on 147 customer reviews

Suitable for commercial customers which produce larger quantities of compactable waste. REL containers are kept on site and emptied at suitable frequencies – daily, weekly are fortnightly. Security lock can be provided if required. A small footprint saves space on site, available inr 8 cubic yard to 16 cubic yard sizes (630 litres to 1260 litres).

These much larger bins, which you may be familiar with from seeing them at waste disposal sites, are suitable for commercial customers who produce much larger amounts of waste that can be compacted. The containers are kept on-site but can be emptied as frequently as required. It is possible to add a security lock for extra protection. They are available various dimensions,  8 cubic yard (630 litres) to 16 cubic yard (1260 litres) sizes and come in a number of colours too.

Rear End Loader 8yd-16yd available
  • Height: 2.00m
  • Width: 1.68m
  • Brand: Business Waste
  • Colour: Green, Blue, Grey, Black, Purple, Sliver, Red