360 Litre Wheelie Bin

360 Litre Wheelie Bin 360 litre

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A larger wheeled bin that can take around four to five sacks of waste. Ideal for a company that produces quite a lot of general waste or who wants to recycle items such as card or paper. You can also put other waste types into a 360 L bin. Depending on your contract requirements and business needs, this bin can be collected on any frequency from daily to fortnightly.

If you are a company that produces a larger amount of waste per week, you can either opt to have two smaller bins or – as a space-saving solution – there is the dimensions of the 360 litre bin. 880mm in height and 610mm in width, it can take up to four to five sacks of waste.

You can opt to use for either general waste or recycling. If you have a larger bin, you may find you are able to reduce the intervals between your collections, which can help to save costs in the long run.

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360 Litre Wheelie Bin 360 litre

This is one of the the most common wheelie bin sizes, its larger than the one you have outside your house, but a lot smaller than a 4 wheeled bon. These are ideal for regular collections and all other types of waste. Many businesses who opt for a 360 l bin get more than 1 and have them emptied over longer periods which allows them to save costs and to recycle.

  • Height: 880 mm
  • Width: 610 mm
  • Brand: Business Waste
  • Colour: Green, Blue, Grey, Black, Purple, Sliver, Red
Business Waste LTD
4.5 (148 Google reviews)