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How do I become a eco friendly shopper?

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One way to reduce your waste is to think about what you buy and how it is packaged. Here are some of our top tips to becoming a Considerate Shopper:

Become a Considerate Shopper

How to shop green

  • Support your local Milkman. By joining a local milk round your glass bottles can be reused up to 40 times, therefore avoiding plastic milk bottles or cartons.
  • Instead of buying bottled water, why don’t you buy a simple water filter for your own tap water!
  • Buy products with less packaging, for example, buy loose fruit and vegetables. Or even consider growing your own vegetables.
  • Buy concentrated products or products sold in refill packs.
  • Durable products that have a longer life span will, in the long run, save you money in replacement costs and help to reduce waste. Products such as long life low energy light bulbs, kitchen cloths instead of paper towels.
  • Use rechargeable batteries rather than disposable ones.
  • Use a durable ‘bag for life’ to avoid taking new plastic bags when you go shopping. Or reuse old carrier bags, then use them as bin liners.
  • Think about using a salvage yard for materials when doing DIY.
  • Avoid buying lots of different cleaning products which are designed for different purposes, choose one multi-purpose cleaner instead.
  • Choose products with packaging that you know can be recycled in your local area. For example, buy glass sauce bottles instead of plastic squeezy bottles.
  • Pack your lunch in a reusable box rather than foil or cling film.
  • repair items such as electrical goods, shoes and clothing, and where possible trade old goods for new.
  • Close the loop by buying products made from recycled materials e.g. toilet/kitchen rolls.

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