Bath leaps up Recycling charts

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Councillors and residents in Bath are celebrating after the town leaped up a recycling league table.

Compared to any other local authority, Bath and North East Somerset Council rose higher than anybody else in the recycling and compost table. They rose from 100th to 50th and fared better than the other 351 areas –a huge achievement.

Councillors have come together to praise the efforts of all those involved, adding that the recycling results are a positive for everyone because it means that the local taxpayer will have to pay less because landfill tax charges will be lower as a result of a smaller amount of waste going to landfill. According to the local council, however, the area should not rest on its laurels, insisting that there is still plenty that can be done to make the figures read even better.

According to the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the figures show that for 2011/12 the amount of waste per household in a year for the Bath and North East Somerset area was 467kg. The amount of waste recycled, reused or composted stood around 52 per cent.

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