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Recycling for Kids: Can We Make It Fun?

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Recycling isn’t exactly the most entertaining or fascinating topic for kids to learn more about or is it? To capture their attention on any topic, you need to make it fun, engaging, and...

Your plastic water bottle is making you ill.

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Believe it or not, warnings telling you not to reuse mineral water bottles aren't a scam If you're the kind of person who refills their supermarket-bought mineral water bottle thinking you're...

Fascinating Recycling Facts for Kids

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They say we take in information like sponges when we are young. While we can learn every day of our lives, our time as children is the most educational of all. Hence why learning about recycling at a...

What Are the Advantages of Recycling?

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There are many advantages to recycling as much as we can. It also makes sense to use items where as much packaging as possible can be recycled. This makes it easier to throw less away in the regular...

Is There Such a Thing as Recyclable Coffee Pods?

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You’re probably aware that plastic comes in many forms. You may also be aware a lot of work is happening to try and recycle and reuse plastic as much as possible. The year following the carrier bag...
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