Are overflowing recycling centres a problem?

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It seems like not that long ago we were being told we had to start recycling as much as we could, due to fears of landfills overflowing, but now it seems like quite the reverse has occurred. Could it be that we are just so good at recycling, that the professionals are finding it hard to keep up with us?

Well the evidence suggests that yes, in fact, domestic recycling centres are overflowing with the sheer volume of just how committed we are as a country to saving our planet.

It is especially true in areas such as Gloucester. Recycling banks at a local branch of Tesco are overflowing so much, they’ve had to be closed off to the public. The area around the bins has been cordoned off, and is being patrolled by security guards due to the risk of there being an accident.

The banks may now even be closed indefinitely due to such a large volume of recycling being left out, as there are safety fears as the large piles of rubbish left by people not willing to waste their journey could be a fire risk.

Locals who are keen recyclers are facing the the only option, which is to go to the local tip with all their recycling, due to the closure of supermarket recycling banks, which is not ideal for residents who want to take the recycling they’ve accumulated over the New Year period.

This is just one of many reports across the UK where recycling centres are being used so frequently they are on the point of overflowing. Due to this, fly-tipping could be on the increase, as people in desperation have no where else to turn with their recycling. This causes more of a problem, as the clean up becomes larger, and more places end up overflowing.

Opening more recycling centres seems like a simple solution to this continuing problem, providing people with more places to take their rubbish. So why isn’t this happening? Surely the demand for more centres is there, with more and more people recycling as much as they can. Recycling companies are doing all they can, but with a limited number of trucks, it takes time to get through any backlog.

It’s a tough balance to maintain, as supermarket and council recycling banks can be unsightly and the aim is to keep the site as small as possible. This means regular servicing, and over holiday periods, this can cause problems.

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