Apple introduces e-waste recycling program

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US tech giant launches recycling scheme to reduce its global e-waste

Accompanying the release of its new range of products, tech giant Apple has announced its new recycling robot which can take apart an old iPhone within eleven seconds.

A staggering 231.5m iPhones were sold in 2015 and, since the launch of the first generation iPhone in 2007, sales have reached more than 700m units worldwide. It’s therefore easy to understand why Apple feel the need to take responsibility for the afterlife of the millions of products it produces every year.

Apple announce new e-waste recycling scheme

Apple announce new recycling scheme

At present, the majority of end-of-life Apple products make their way into municipal waste streams. Apple CEO Tim Cook announced last week that one billion Apple products are now in use across the globe. The industry standard for a gadget’s lifespan is two years.

When one considers these numbers, it equates to an awful lot of end-of-use gadgets going to landfill every year.

The Apple Renew project allows customers across the globe to take their unwanted products to an Apple Store or send their unwanted products back to Apple for free. The gadgets are then disassembled by a robot, named Liam, which can take the products apart in a matter of seconds.

The disassembled components will then be used by Apple in the manufacturing of new products. The robots are running at full capacity at one of the firm’s factory’s in California, and the firm has announced plans to open a iPhone 6 recycling plant in Europe before the end of 2016.

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