A new National Resource Consortium forms to fight waste ‘monopoly’

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Independent waste management businesses working together as part of a new National Resource Consortium

A group of independent waste and recycling companies have formed a National Resource Consortium (NRC) to tackle the ‘monopoly’ that currently dominates the waste management and collection industry in the UK.

The consortium was co-founded by an independent recycling business based in Huntingdon and already consists of many small and local waste management businesses. These are frustrated by the obvious monopoly within the industry, which is dominated by large national waste management and recycling companies.

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Independent waste collection companies are struggling to compete against large waste corporations

Set up in November 2015, the NRC aims to address the problems facing small waste businesses who are suffering financially because national companies are monopolizing the market, especially on British high streets, where big brands and chains offer contracts to waste companies which operate nationwide services.

The consortium is predominantly concerned with acquiring a better footing within this market, which apparently represents 30% of waste collection in the UK. The members of NRC will work together to bid on national contracts with large British chains; if successful, the independent businesses will operate in predetermined geographical locations.

Neil Johnson, one of the NRC directors, was quick to point out that consortium members do appreciate the motivating influences of healthy business competition but that the consortium wants to create a “better climate for businesses to operate alongside one another at the expense of the large corporate players”.

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