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It’s all very well us repeatedly telling you how good we are at commercial waste services, but if you’re a complete novice in the world of waste removal, much of what we have to say might go completely over your head.

We’ll be honest and say that waste disposal is often very much down the bottom of the list for anybody setting up a new business. But as any business owner will tell you – especially in the world of retail or manufacture, it soon rears its ugly little head and becomes very much a priority as you become aware of the responsibilities of business owners to ensure that waste is collected and recycled according to the law.

What makes it even more complicated is that there are entirely different regimes according to whether you’re in England and Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland. And on top of that local authorities have their own local regulations which means whatever is acceptable in one town may earn you a stiff talking to from a council official and a hefty fine in another. For example, some towns will only collect plastic bags from kerbside – and often they have to be the right colour plastic bag – while others will enforce bin collections, but only certain types of bin.

That’s why companies like us exist to make life easier for companies. While waste disposal can be a minefield, a good waste management organisation will offer advice to help you get it right.

Commercial bins are many, but there are a basic few according to need.

Most companies will use one or more green wheeled waste bins, usually 1,100 litres or 660 litres. For smaller organisations, such as shops, domestic-style wheeled bins may be adequate in sizes from 120 litres to 360 litres.

For other needs, there are traditional builder’s skips with open tops for mixed waste and low density refuse. End loader with closed tops are also for low density waste such as paper, plastics and packaging, and are excellent for light industrial and commercial premises. Covered models such as these ensure the waste is contained safely and hygienically, and will naturally have a higher maximum capacity than open bins. And you can even get a waste compactor!

Speak to us about your business needs, and we’ll sort the right size bin and collections to suit.

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